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Cyber questionnaire results

Results of the Questionnaire
given to the people we tattoo at Kunsten pa Kroppen

In 1998

Latest update was 10 december 2014, and it gave the following results:

Total number: 397

Average age: 28 years

Number of Men:
WB00895_.GIF (741 bytes) :248
Number of Women:
WB01162_.GIF (871 bytes) : 149

Thus we have about 60% more men than women

The question: Is this your first tattoo? YES/NO - gave the following results:

Of the men, 135 (54%) were previously tattooed (which means they now have more than one. They were an average of 21,8 years when they got their first tattoo.

Of the women, only 32 (21%) were previously tattooed, and they were 20 years old (average) when they got their first. Among the women, 79% got their first tattoo now.

The youngest was Catrine, who was only 14 when she got her first tattoo (she is now 31), and the oldest was Irma, who got her first tattoo at the age of 70! (She now has three).

The occupational group that is best represented, is students (obviously, since they are young), but otherwise the list is getting longer all the time. Any trade is represented. We also have lots of nurses - and cooks! (I have not listed all, and some are difficult to translate into English!)
List of occupations:
Lawyer, Unemployed, Worker, Architect student, Artist, Mechanic, Baker, Banker, Bartender, Mason, Bookbinder, Bookkeeper,  Shop manager, Building constructor, Building painter, Chauffeur, Computer responsible, Computer consultant, Electrician, Film/tv, Flight technician, Film cutter, Insurance, Photographer, Hair dresser, Grocer, Hot dog stand-man, Shop keeper, Prison warden, Graphic designer,   High school student, Home helper, Director, Journalist, Supermarket, Cinematographer, Cook, Café director, Constable, Clerk, Cosmetologist, Kitchen assistant, Laboratory student, Stock worker, Driving teacher,
Lithographer, Printer, Roof layer, Life-saver, Light designer, Teacher, Marketing, Internet, Machinist, Massage, Model, Production assistant, Montage, Motorcycle mechanic, Museum inspector, Musician, Furniture maker, Offset printer, Pensioner, Porter, Mailman, Professional badminton player, Project co-ordinator, Receptionist, Traveler in life, Cleaning, Restaurant, Boss, Sales, Sales consultant, Secretary, Shipping, Security, Woodworker, Actor, Smith, Timberer, Social worker, Software engineer, Soldier, Stock-exchange,   Student, Nurse, Nurse student, Systems-programmer, Salesman, Taxi driver, Technician, Technical assistant, Text writer, Telecommunication, Telephone service, Servant, Carpenter, Unemployed, Showroom montage, Windows cleaner, Plumber.

These are the questions we gave people:

First name:____
Male___ / Female___
Short description of the tattoo:_______
Artist: Erik_____ / Colin______
Is this your first tattoo?    Yes/No
If no, how old were you when you got your first?____

The results may be seen above

Already back in 1995 we did a little survey.
It gave the following results:

Number of participants: 145
Average age: 27 years (youngest was 18, oldest was 68)
There were 62 women and 83 men.

They were mostly students, or people with a higher degree.
Or e.g.:
Unemployed, Picoline, Glassblower, Musician, Nurse,
Teacher, School leader, Prison Warden, UN soldier,
Priest, Engineer, Director.

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